Frequently Asked Questions

How can I acquire information about Summer School calendar, the courses to be offered, and fees?

You can acquire all the details regarding summer school as of May 13, 2024 from

What courses are offered in Summer School?

All compulsory and elective courses in fall and spring semesters may not be opened in Summer School. On the other hand, both the faculties and the Summer School Coordination Office make a special effort to open in-semester compulsory courses. In addition, the number of general elective (GE) courses, mostly taught online, has increased in time.

Is there a required number of registered students so that a course can be opened in Summer School?

Yes, there is. This required number of registered students will be decided by the Board of Trustees and Rectorate after the registration process is completed.

What is the number of maximum classes that I can take in Summer School?

A total of 21 credits can be taken with a maximum of 3 courses. If the student can graduate with the courses s/he will take in Summer School, then a maximum of 5 courses can be taken with the proposal of faculty executive board and the approval of University Executive Board.

What happens if the course for which I paid credit fee is not opened in Summer School?

For the applications that are submitted until the end of working hours on July 12, 2024, the total fee is refunded. The student can also select another course and make his/her registration to that course.

Is it possible to take a course from another university in Summer School?

First of all, the content of the course is expected to be similar with your course at BİLGİ. The students who would like to take courses from other universities and want the credits of these courses to be recognized have to obtain a preliminary decision by applying to the executive board of the faculty, school or vocational school in which they are registered and indicate which courses they would like to take from which university, faculty, school, vocational school or program. If the student completes the course s/he takes from another university, s/he will only be accepted as having passed the course and his/her grade will not have any effect on his/her GPA.

What should be done for the courses that are not opened in Summer School?

If a petition involving sufficient number of names is submitted to Summer School Coordination Office, the Coordination Office may work with the relevant department to open the course.

Is it possible to withdraw from a course in Summer School?

It is possible to withdraw from courses on the dates specified in the calendar with or without refund.

Is it necessary to obtain approval from the registration advisor in Summer School?

No. In Summer School, if there is a consent requirement for a course, it is only necessary to obtain approval from the instructor of the related course. No approval is required for registration or add/drop. It is still highly recommended that you contact your registration advisor for your summer school plan.

How are the exams carried out in Summer School?

The grade evaluation system in Summer School must be the same with the grade evaluation system applied during the academic year (fall-spring). For example, a course that has a final exam during the normal semester must have a final exam in Summer School as well. No make-up or resit exams are carried out in Summer School.

How the fee refund is provided in case of passing the course/courses with the resit exam?

If it is seen that students enrolled in Summer School pass the courses after the resit exam results are announced, refunds will be made to the relevant students for the courses they have passed without any condition.