Architectural Design Graduate Program

July 15 - August 4, 2019
santralistanbul Campus

Architectural Design Graduate Summer School No:4, organized by İstanbul Bilgi University Architectural Design Graduate Program is going to take place between 15 July - 04 August 2019. The program consists of intense, short-term workshops during the summer period, conducted by distinguished names of international architectural practice in order to create an international architectural environment, enabling designers from different cultures to produce together.

Each workshop is counted as a 5-credit elective undergraduate course (when 4-coded courses are selected) or an elective graduate course (when 5-coded courses are selected). When two workshops are successfully completed, they will be equivalent of two elective courses of 5 credits or - for graduate students - a graduate project studio of 10 credits.

Last Date for Registration: 19 June 2019

For further info: Evren Aysev (Architectural Design Graduate Program Director)

For pre-registration: Hülya Oral (Graduate Program of Architecture Research Assistant)


Click for detailed information about the WORKSHOPS.



BİLGİ Architectural Design Graduate Students:

  • Registry can be completed by selecting ARCH 563 and / or ARCH 564 coded courses from the graduate summer school system (Admission will be between 12 June-19 June 2019).
  • If two courses will be taken and transferred as Design Research Lab Courses, ARCH 581, ARCH 582 or ARCH 583 coded courses should be selected.
  • Admission is free for students enrolled in BİLGİ Architectural Design Graduate Program.

BİLGİ Undergraduate Students:

  • Registry can be completed by selecting ARCH 478 and / or ARCH 479 coded courses from the summer school system (Admission will be between 12 June - 19 June 2019).
  • Admission fee is 540 TL per credit. Admission fee of a 5 credit course is 2,700 TL.

Students who are not from BİLGİ:

  • Transcript photocopy / diploma / student certificate
  • Photocopy of valid ID document
  • A request letter from the candidate, indicating the wish to take the mentioned courses.
  • An approval letter from the head of the department of the school of the candidate, indicating that the mentioned courses will be transferred.
  • All documents will be submitted to the Graduate Student Office.
  • Tuition fee is 540 TL per credit. Tuition fee of a 5 credit course is 2,700 TL.

For detailed information about application / admission:

Graduate Student Affairs: Sennur Ertürk

Undergraduate student affairs: Beyhan Sunal

For further information about fees and payment:

Student Accounting Office: Başak Bektaş

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