Application and Registration

  • You can register to 2021-2022 Academic Year Graduate Summer School between July 4-20, 2022. Application and registration to Graduate Summer School are made online.
  • You can add/drop courses in your registered course list between these dates.
  • You can select the courses you want to take in Graduate Summer School from ‘Summer School’ section on your BİLGİ SIS page.
  • The total number of courses that can be taken in Graduate Summer School cannot exceed 2 courses during one academic year and total ECTS equivalent of these courses cannot exceed 21. The constraint which is first met is applied.
  • Thesis courses are not opened in Graduate Summer School. In line with the rules regarding taking project courses in Fall and Spring semesters, students can register for the project course in addition to 2 courses and 21 credits.
  • Advisor approval is not required for Summer School registration. Final list of courses to be opened in Summer School will be announced on July 20, 2022.