Tuition Fee

The students who registered on non-thesis programs will be able to register to courses free of charge in their 3 semesters education period.

The tuition fee for “with thesis programs’” student 540 TL per ECTS credit *.


* 8% VAT is included.

* Non-thesis program students who have extended their term or have failed the courses (who have scholarship) have to pay the fees. (According to Accounting Procedures and Principles- Mali Usul ve Esaslar-Diğer Hükümler Ek madde 1 (b) ve (d))



If the course is decided to close by the Graduate Programs Institute after the registration to the Summer School, the tuition fee will refunded to the student.



27 June 2019 - Last day for withdrawal (refundable)

Students who apply with petition until 27 June 2019 will be refunded in full according to the payment method.

July 19, 2019 - Last day for withdrawal (non-refundable)

You can withdraw from your course (s) until July 19, 2019. However, if you withdraw from the course by June 27, 2019, the full tuition fee will be refunded; If you withdraw from the course (s) after this date, no refund will be made.

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