Applying And Registration

For İstanbul Bilgi University Students

The 2018-2019 academic year summer school course list can be accessed either from the Summer School website under the “Courses” tab or from the “Student Pages.”

  • In order to register for the Summer School, after the necessary financial payment is made between the dates of 12-19 June 2019, by accessing the “Student Pages” and clicking on the “Summer School” tab, the courses that you wish to take during the Summer School can be chosen. Add/drop of courses can be done between these dates.
  • No academic advisor or Faculty/School/Vocational School Executive Board approval is necessary for registration of up to three courses in the Summer School. However, Faculty/School/Vocational School Executive Board approval is necessary to register for more than three courses for students that will graduate after taking courses in the Summer School or for students that have earned the right to take an exam for a single course per article 27 paragraph 2 of the Undergraduate Regulations.
  • The finalized summer school course list will be announced on 20 June 2019. Course add/drop from the finalized list can be done by accessing the “Student Pages” between the dates of 12-21 June 2019. The tuition for any dropped course(s) can be refunded by applying to Student Accounting Please click here to learn about the refund conditions.


For Students from Other Universities

  • The 2018-2019 academic year Summer School course list can be accessed from the “Courses” tab.
  • Before completing the financial procedures, the students form other universities are required to submit the following documents to the Student Affairs Office.All financial payments must be made between the dates of 12-19 June 2019. 
    • A petition requesting the courses 
    • Transcript
    • An official letter from the related university stating that the student may take course(s) form BİLGİ Summer School.


Please contact the Call Center for detailed information about the Summer School.
Tel: 444 0 428

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