Application and Registration

  • You can enroll to 2020-2021 Academic Year Graduate Summer School between June 21-29, 2021. Application and registration to Graduate Summer School are made online.
  • You can add/drop courses in your registered course list between these dates.
  • You can select the courses you want to take in Graduate Summer School in “Summer School” section on your BİLGİ SIS page.
  • Total courses to be taken in Graduate Summer School cannot exceed 2 in one academic year and total ECTS equivalent of these courses cannot exceed 21. The constraint which is first met is applied.
  • Thesis courses are not opened in Graduate Summer School. According to rules to take project courses in Fall and Spring, students can enroll to project course in addition to 2 courses and 21 credits.
  • Advisor approval are not required for Summer School registration. Final list of courses to be opened in Summer School will be announced on July 1, 2021.